2da Conferencia Energía, Petróleo y Gas en Cuba.
4 al 7 de diciembre de 2018,
Centro de Convenciones
Melia Cohiba, La Habana.

The world looks towards Cuba and the unique investment opportunities that arise through the rapid development of the sectors of energy, oil and gas.
The Union Cuba - Petroleo (CUPET) calls to leaders and experts in oil and gas and to international COI, service providers, companies and operators, to gather in Havana for four days to share ideas, and develop technical and business network strategies and partnerships.
The event will discuss and debate the future of exploration and production of oil and gas in Cuba, providing an accurate and deep vision of the problems facing the oil and gas sector in Cuba, and the opportunities and priorities presented to national and foreign invers and suppliers.

Program 2018
There will be an opening ceremony and VIP reception, will include a workshop focused on the broad survey of BGP, and will conclude on December 7 with a guided tour to one of the major oil areas of Cuba, Matanzas.
The main conferences offer delegates exclusive information and updated analysis provided by CUPET and experts of the industry on issues related to:

- The latest results from the 2D multi-client survey in the Cuba Economic Zone.
- Update on existing exploration and production activities - onshore, shallow water, deep water, Gulf of Mexico; taking into account new and current legislation.
- Positioning of the Caribbean as growing oil and gas hub.
- Overview of service and supply technologies that can make a difference to Cuba.
- Enhanced oil recovery on existing fields.
- Midstream and downstream projects.

- Health and safety consideration.
- Cuba’s exclusive economic zone.
Gas supply.

- Focus on oil and gas technologies for Cuba.

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