Turismo y Salud is a company that belongs to the tourist group Cubanacan specialized in providing highly scientific and ethically qualified services.Its strenght lies in the prestige and achived by Cuban medicine and its health system;stemming from important  biomedical research,a wide network of competitive health facilities,and above all, a well known recognition of the quality of the human resources.

Turismo y Salud goes in tune with an epoch that priviledges life quality and health,turning tourism into an ideal scenery to get a sound  mental and body health Turismo y Salud offers to our clients specilized programs for their health and welfare along with a stay in this beautiful Caribbean island mother Nature has presented with
geografical enchantment and  generous warmhearted people famous for their hospitality.

Turismo ySalud benefits from the cooperation of about 20 institutions that representalmost every medical specialty and treatment unique in the world for their "knowhow" .The multiple offers include:

Plastic Surgery

Rehabilitation from addictions

Pigmentary retinosis

Neurological rehabilitation




Cardiovascular surgery


Contact Latitudcuba, if you are interested,exclusive packages will be offered.Italian and Cuban organization at your disposal.